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Courtney graduated from Southern Adventist University with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications (emphasizing photography) in 2009. After several years of long-term internships and freelance work in photography, PR and graphic design, Courtney decided to pursue a Master's degree in marketing. In October 2014, he accepted the position of Associate Director of Communications for the Carolina Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Charlotte, North Carolina. Courtney graduated with his MBA in Marketing from Bryan College in May 2015. 


Courtney is often asked if he is interested in obtaining a PhD. If he pursues additional graduate studies, he wishes to gain a PhD in Public Relations emphasizing in Crisis Communication. This is an area of PR that he sees being quite crucial and ever changing at a rapid pace with social media and culture.

Courtney enjoys using his communication expertise for the Carolina Conference. He loves photography and graphic design, and continues to grow his writing, audio & video editing, and crisis management skills. Courtney enjoys photography as a hobby, as well as reading, running, hiking, playing violin, and singing in his church's praise team. 

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